"We killed because we were forced to. Required to. And I want it gone as much as I want my name back."

—Tank, refering to his Mark of Pain







Smoothed Hau


Tuara, [Kinvex], [Angelus], Mark Bearers


Iron Staff


Element of Sand, Mark of Pain







Earlier on in his existence, Tank had been a poitive and outgoing member of his community until he lost his memory, waking up in the Po-Wahi desert, bearing a black marking on his arm. Tank was at one point taken into the home of two doctors and a scientist in Po-Koro, whom Tank ended up killing, forced by his Mark. Tank had killed the pait violentely and painfully, unable to be stopped by witnesses, the onlookers ended up dubbing him "The Tank". Tank, unable to find clues about who he was, became a quiet, sad, and calculating being, and is slightly insecure about himself in general for it. Whatever intentions he had to find out who he totally is has been nearly forgotten over the past month. His voice despite his stature is soft and caring, the only reminder to what Tank used to be like, causing min to presume he was never a lost being caught up in a world of confusion and hatred. The only trait aside from his voice that might lead him to finding out who he was should he attempt to pursue himslef once more is a name, Arekule. A name that repeats in his head frequently. Tank has great skill with a staff and skill over his elemental power of sand. Although the Mark of Fear has robbed him of his mask power of shielding, and his brain isn't the smartest. He is however, far from stupid. He's just a little lost.

Appearance and ToolsEdit

Dark brown armor with tan highlights, Tank is slightly taller and broader than the average Toa, well built and muscular, although at the same time slim.

He wears a tanned cloak and carries an iron staff.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Tank's most notable power is the power gained from the Mark of Pain. Tank can use this Mark as a source of strength, absorbing an unlimited amount of pain while activated and turning it into strength.




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"He is like me, he has answers. I need to understand, this was, and is, my only chance to find out who I am. You won't be able to understand so I won't expect you to. I'm sorry."

—Tank to Naona, after breaking Utu out of a holding cell

"You wish to pay us for crimes we had no intention of making. We want to fix this."

—Tank to the Ta-Koro Guard member Dren

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