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Powerless Miru


Loyal to Onu Koro


Spear, Disk Launcher, Sword




Ta Koro Guard, Ussalryman formerly


Ta Koro



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Tarian is the son of Ta Matoran refugees. Raised in Onu Koro, Tarian never learned why his parents were banished from Ta Koro. His parents were tragically murdered by a rahi attack to the village while Tarian was very young. This drove Tarian to join the Ussalry and fight for Onu Koro in his adulthood. He fought in the Ussalry all throughout the Makuta wars. After the death of Makuta he moved back to Ta Koro in hopes to find out more about his mysterious parents. Although he loved his home in Onu Koro, having a deep nurtured love for the tunnels, Tarian was inexplicably drawn to the Mangai. He found a home in Ta Koro and joined the Ta Koro guard, although he has still kept his Ussal, Rohen. He is a veteran of combat and has seen many wars.

Appearance and ToolsEdit

Standard Ta-Matoran with red mask, hands and feet, with night-black body and arms. His eyes glow deep blue, as well as his heart-light. his face is adorned with a red Mask of Levitation.

Tarian carries the traditional spear and shield of the Ta-Koro guard. He carries a disk launcher, and a fair supply of spare disks for ranged combat. He also has an affinity for forging swords and blades in his furnace, and usually has one or two of those swords on his person.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Trained in combat by two militaries, skilled for a matoran; as any Ta guardsman must be. Disk throwing, forging, and lava-smithing. His true power is in his intellect; his brilliance has brought many battle-winning strategies.

Loyal, courageous, a warrior. Tarians heart longs to protect those closest to him. he loves his city, and his people. He is very intelligent.


Friends and AlliesEdit




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