Tarotrix is a veteran Colonel in the Ta-Koro Guard.


Born and raised in Ta-Koro, Tarotrix was a rather hot-blooded youth who left the village in search of adventure after coming of age. After years of barfighting, odd jobs, and drifting from wahi to wahi, he returned to Ta-Koro and joined the Guard. He was motivated by a desire for a steady paycheck, and to fight the forces of Makuta. Within several years, he earned himself a reputation as a brash, but brave soldier. He rose rapidly up the ranks.

In the latter stages of the Great War, he was particularly active. Taro was partially eaten alive by a mad Makuta servant, saved by a fellow guardswoman, fought Rahkshi in Po-Koro with a friend, lead troops in an attempt to save the Guard Hospital (Love Shack) from the clutches of Hiemalis, helped the ILF battle the Nui-Rama, and battled the vast Rahkshi hoard in its attack on Ta-Koro. Even killing a Rahkshi with the help of another officer. In this time, he also fruitlessly tried to capture Dorian Shaddix in the assassin's escape from the Ta-Koro jails.

After a brief transfer to the reserve, Taro served during the brief inter-koro tensions. Recently, he helped investigate in the aftermath of Grokk's assault upon Dorian Shaddix, busted a drug den, and joined an expedition to the Mangai Volcano.

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