"Why are you here?"
— The Abettor

The Abettor
The Abettor, sketched in a rare moment of repose. Illustration by Nuju Metru, 2013.


Unknown, presumed a machine.


Unknown, though perhaps crystal.


Known kanohi so far are pakari, kakama, and arthron. Others may be possible.


Irritatingly mechanical voice, giant crystal spike for a hand.


Persuasive conversation, ability to rotate kanohi. The others are unknown.


Chillin' in Mangaia.


Staff plot characters


Nuju Metru


Nothing is known of the Abettor before its appearance in the cavern about the vault in Mangaia.  However, what has happened since then can be traced through a series of brief meetings with visitors from the surface, all seeking clues as to what lay beyond the great door.

Appearance and ToolsEdit

The Abettor is a living machine; its heart is an engine and its blood is oil.  Or so the populace of Mata Nui believe.  Strange, glowing sigils cover the body of the Abettor and the ton-drum chest has a revolving portion where Kanohi rotate as it speaks.  The machine's right arm ends in a fierce looking shard of blue crystal.  

Abilities and TraitsEdit

So far the Abettor has displayed few of its abilities beyond the rotating of Kanohi and the mechanical way in which it speaks, as if a primitive form of Siri had possessed a large, several ton, automaton and been imbued with the peculiar habit of making statements out of questions.  We have yet to see the Abettor leave its residence in the ceiling of Mangaia.


The Abettor's relationships are as mysterious as its past.  
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A MOC of the Abettor, by Nuju Metru


  • The Abettor is one of the few RPG characters to have both a MOC and an illustration for its gameplay. Both the MOC and illustration are done by its creator, Nuju Metru, the GM for the BZPRPG.
  • The Abettor is the only known 100% inorganic sentient creature in the BZPRPG, and even the 100% is questionable as we begin to learn more about it.

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