The Charred Forest

A path in the Charred Forest.

A once forested section of Ta-Wahi, charred by the battles against Makuta .

Location Description Edit

The ashen and petrified skeletons of a grand and ancient forest stretches across much of Ta-Wahi's southern regions.  The Charred Forest, as it is named, was created during the constant battles against Makuta, who destroyed the flora and fauna over time.  It is easy to get lost, so several of the locals have marked paths among the trees, which can be seen only by a keen observer.

In-Game HistoryEdit

2012 Arc

  • The Ash Forest Battle between Kriigata and Hau took place in the Charred Forest.  
  • Song 's home was in the the Charred Forest.
  • Aurax was killed by rahkshi in the Charred Forest after the revelations of Takua regarding the Keeping Place.

2013 Arc

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