Toa Aekoda is the toa of fire and the founding member of the Toa Kotahi.







Great Matatu






Fire Control & Heat Resistance


Volunteer Member of the Ta-Koro Guard


Toa Kotahi


Lewa the Soaring Champion

Biography Edit

The toa of fire spent his time as a lava farmer before he was transformed into a toa. He was sent by the turaga of his village to assemble a team of toa in order to defeat Makuta and defend the island from mind controlled rahi. He recruited five other toa and by the time the team was complete, Makuta was about to be defeated and they were sent to Kini-Nui in order to destroy the rahkshi spawning from there. After Makuta's loss, the team celebrated before splitting up and returning to their homes. When trouble is afoot, Aekoda will summon the toa to reform the team.

Appearance Edit

The toa of fire has an inika build with crimson four-toed feet and legs of the same color with knee armor. There is are orange spikes below his knees and bell bottom armor plates protecting his ankles. His orange thighs are covered in dark red armor and his hips are the same color as his thighs. Aekoda's upper body is crimson and his shoulder armor is very bulky. His dark red arms and orange hands don't have any modifications and his Great Matatu lacks a scope.

Abilities & Traits Edit

Aekoda is the leader of the toa Kotahi and he is the kind of person to take charge during a situation and he appears impulsive as he likes to act first and ask questions later. His faults include charging in without thinking and getting argumentative with Baronyx. As a toa of fire, he can create, control and absorb his element, although he needs to wait for his powers to recharge if all his elemental energy is expended. He wears the mask of telekinesis, which allows the user to lift up objects or beings without touching them, although there is a weight and concentration limit.

Relationships Edit

Friends Edit

  • Astrapi: She was the first toa he met and made her his deputy after she joined the team.
  • Esiouqrut/Teal: He was the second toa he met, but the fourth to be recruited since he initially refused to join the toa, but later changed his mind.
  • Dust: He was the fourth toa he met and he was spotted by Teal, who convinced him to join the group.
  • Baronyx: He was the fifth and last toa he met and he was uncomfortable with joining the team since he was imprisoned after being attacked and as he got more comfortable with the team, Baronyx began to argue with Aekoda, although they had a respect for each other, even if it was grudging.
  • Adamas: She was the third toa he met and she didn't want to leave Le-Koro initially, but Astrapi managed to convince her with the lure of exploration and rare treasures.

Trivia Edit

  • He is Liuth's first toa of fire.

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