Toa Astrapi is a toa of lightning and the second member of the Toa Kotahi.







Sensory Aptitude




Blue broadsword


Lightning Control & Shock Resistance


Guard of Vo-Koro


Toa Kotahi


Lewa the Soaring Champion

Biography Edit

The toa of lightning was selected by her turaga to transform into Vo-Koro's toa protector. After her transformation, Astrapi guarded her village from the rahi, which was a boring and thankless task until a toa named Aekoda approached her and asked if she wanted to join his team. Eager for more exciting opportunities, the toa accepted his offer and she travled with him.

After recruiting other toa and the defeat of Makuta, Astrapi returned to Vo-Koro, waiting for one of her friends to come and summon her.

Appearance Edit

The toa of lightning is not obese/overweight, although she appears to be slightly chubby. Her color scheme is composed of metallic sand blue and white with silver armor and light blue eyes. The toa's feet are white and her legs are sand blue with silver greaves covering her shins. Astrapi's hips and body are white in color while her back is metallic sand blue. On her silver chest, there is a chrome blue lightning bolt painted on.

Her arms are the same color as her body and she has silver gauntlets on her arms. Her hands are metallic blue and so is her Kakama shaped mask.

Abilities & Traits Edit

She is sociable and values teamwork, which made bonding with the toa easy whenever a new member joined their team. The toa of lightning is often the first one to raise an idea in the team and prior to Baryonyx speaking up more often, he would often rely on her to speak up for him and since toa of crystal are good natured and helpful, she gets along well with Astrapi. Her singing voice is marvelled by the other toa, especially Esioqrut, but the toa wouldn't trade her team for a chance at fame and fortune.

Relationships Edit

Friends Edit

  • Aekoda: She was made to be the deputy of the team after he met her.
  • Teal: The toa of lightning took great interest in Esioqrut's past and he admires her singing voice greatly.
  • Dust: Astrapi and Dust are good friends and spent time playing kohlii together, although the toa of stone says she could use some practice.
  • Baronyx: The lightning toa was admired by the toa of gravity and would often get her to speak for him.
  • Adamas: Due to their similar personalities, they get along well with each other.

Trivia Edit

  • Sand blue is one of Liuth's favorite colors.
  • She was originally going to have a Komau, but it had to be switched due to it not being allowed.

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