"Trusty Sulov's Trusty Trailmix" is a catch-all phrase referring to Sulov's many renowned varieties of trail mix.


Sulov first began to experiment with trail mix fifteen years prior to the killing of the Chronicler's Company. After ten years of consistent culinary activity, Sulov developed a unique formula for his trail mix that made it a popular and healthy snack. However, the term "Trusty Sulov's Trusty Trailmix" was only coined when Reordin first consumed the snack during the adventures of the Wanderer's Company and foresaw that Sulov would open a business named such. The phrase has since grown into a catch-all term referring to Sulov's mixes.


The FormulaEdit

  • One or more portions of starches, preferably cereal grains, providing carbohydrates, fiber, and occasionally minerals or other nutrients, as well as a base for the recipe
  • Two or more portions of protein, preferably nut fruits, providing protein, minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients, as well as a crunch when consumed
  • One or more portions of fruit, preferably non-nut, providing Vitamin C and other vitamins, fiber, water, and sugars, as well as sweet flavor to contrast the other components of the recipe
  • A dash of seasoning



  • Two servings of barley
  • Three servings of hazelnuts
  • One serving of raisins
  • A dash of salt


  • One serving of dried apricot bits
  • Two servings of peanuts
  • One serving of cocoa beans
  • A dash of salt


Ignoring the silent advertisements that flashed across his head - Reordin made a mental note to himself to ask Sulov if he would be interested in starting a business called Trusty Sulov's Trusty Trailmix sometime after this whole shindig - and taking the bag with a grateful nod, Reordin popped a couple handfuls into his mouth before handing the bag to Stannis, who did the same before handing it off to Lepidran.

-Reordin coins "Trusty Sulov's Trusty Trailmix" while consuming the snack


  • "Trusty Sulov's Trusty Trailmix" is a phrase oft used for the same purpose out-of-character as well as inside the game.

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