Tu-Koro was a small village in Ko-Wahi where the Mark Bearer of fear Utu grew up. It was characterized by the incredibly cruel and violent people who lived there. Those inhabitants were hunted down and killed by Utu. 


The ideals of heroism and the three virtues were spat upon by those who lived in Tu-Koro. They only cared about being tough and able to face those that challenged them. Idealism was crushed. This sort of philosphy was enforced as newcomers or children were taught to live by those values if they didn't want to die.


  • "I would much rather have taken my chances out there with the giant cats and frozen wasteland with no supplies and no experience until I died from starvation than live one day in Tu-Koro. This place bred the worst of the worst. People used to talk about Xa-Koro like it was karz itself. They had no idea. Tu-Koro bred hatred, and only hatred."

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