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  • I live in Mata-Nui
  • My occupation is Adventurer

About The AuthorEdit

Happy Holidays BZPRPG

Happy Holidays! ~Kughii, 2013

I am slowly working on an original novel series of my fantasy, combining several science fiction genres with overarching themes of environmental health and human endurance.  The BZPRPG is my daily dose of sci-fi free-writing, and I have been playing this Bionicle text-based game since 2010.  It is by far one of the best communities of writers and players I have found, and I recommend simply taking a look when you need some quality science-fiction/tropical paradise/sandbox story reading.  Technical writing is not my strong suit, though I am practicing daily to improve my skills in that field.

Characters By KughiiEdit


  • Ishi: Polzin, Informant, double crosser, and seeker of knowledge
  • Daikura Koga , first son of the Daikura Clan


  • Moriika, Former member of Team Kanohi Dragon and Bio-Engineer
  • Faerulo, Former member of Team Kanohi Dragon
  • Takimoc, Former member of Team Kanohi Dragon
  • Nakumiir, Former member of Team Kanohi Dragon


  • Mita, Minstrel of The Road and member of Greased Lightning
  • Gabel: Leader of a group of Kumu Islets Survivors
  • The Angler: Leader of a group of Kumu Islets Survivors
  • Draeverian Joskiir: Sound seeker and Rhyme breather
  • Lear: of the Le-Koro Airforce
  • Ko: toa of ice
  • Fraxn Black: Private in the Onu-Koro Ussalry and blacksmith for the guard.
  • Iraira: Captain Commander of the Ga-Koro Marines
  • Riaril: Healer of Maladies and Director of the Nuju-Marillion Research Hospital.  Passed on to Tyler Durden.
  • Kriigata: Assassin of Ak'rei'an.  Past on to KNI.
  • Kwaiya of the Eiyu Clan : Dashi librarian in the Towers of Knowledge, and bookbinder of ancient and sacred texts.  Passed on to someoen else.
  • Hogo Kamari: Retainer for Toshoru Noshima of the Hogo clan.  Passed on to Hubert.

Population CharactersEdit

  • Ventra/Syvkii, matoran agent who wears a rose broach
  • Lt. Serrac, NPC matoran Ussalry member
  • Ta-Matoran debtor, A matoran who owes Ventra money from gambling
  • Technological businessman, matoran owner of a native technology stand in Onu-Koro
  • Jyatopa, matoran owner and barkeep of an Onu-Koran rave club
  • Rongo-Rongo, twin matoran dancers at Jyatopa's club
  • Poku, matoran mercenary
  • Boozer, Matoran mercenary
  • Tork, Matoran of Iron and kohlii player
  • Fiesta, Matoran of Stone and Kohlii player
  • Suilt, Matoran of water and Kohlii player
  • Kiln, Matoran of stone and Kohlii player
  • Po-Toa at Forsi
  • Drunk at Forsi Inn
  • Manager of Tohu Inn
  • Catarix, Ko-Koro's local editor for the Mata-Nui Daily

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