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aka AuRon

  • I live in Ohio.
  • I was born on August 9
  • My occupation is Writing, hobbying, and the odd job.
  • I am Male
  • AuRon the champion

    Can I ask for whoever edits here to assist me in harvesting information about the Mark-Bearers and posting it here? I can't find the first entry of the journal, and I'm currently locked out of the forums (stupid-admin-locks-account-if-I-forget-password >_

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  • AuRon the champion

    I'm going through most pages, and I'm noticing a lack of standered for pages. Yes, they all follow a format, but most lack images, have a number of red links. I'm attempting to add to these pages. So for the upcoming week, my goal is to clear out these red links, and add a profile images from BZPRPG. I ask for your cooperation to assist in this project. Also, to answer some (random) questions:

    • Before you ask, I am a Ninja, I know much more related to that area than you because I actually am a Shinobi-in-training (I don't know the actual term for that, I'm not fluent in japanese).
    • I am not related to the Final Fantasy Auron, do not mention him to me, he is a fool, and a weakling.
    • Yes, a clean-up is needed, I have a low opinion of what a wiki's…
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