You know those things on the side of your profile? The badges? Well I call them achievements, and I am currently trying to achieve most of them. However, because of the fact that there aren't many pages I can really edit, I decided to find another way to achieve my goals.

By doing something incredibly repetitive and inefficient and should only be done by people who have a lot of time to waste.

You see, one can get edits for the editing badges by just editing a page, doing something minor, and finishing it, before repeating this process over and over again. It takes a lot of time, but the badge negates the negatives.

One can also achieve the category badges by just removing categories and adding them again.

The photo one is actually easier than expected. All you need to do is remove photo, add photo again, repeat.

Some of you may call me cheap for doing this, but the achievements guys, I must get the achievements.

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