You see, I used to cheat for achievements, but then I took an arrow to the knee...

Well seeing that I got that out of the way, I will focus on the topic of this blog post, which is to apologise to all of you guys for my cheap and stupid actions. Abusing the achievement system was wrong of me, and I'm pretty sure EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU agree. So that's why I've stopped being obnoxious and decided to apologise.

I realise that you guys probably won't care about this, but I'm apologising anyway. I know that I haven't really been contributing much to the wiki, other than creating somewhat detailed yet incomplete pages for all my characters and editing grammar mistakes on several other pages, so I've decided to stop cheating and start getting to work, which I shall do once I find things that require me to do.

You guys may also wonder why I decided to take all the time to cheat for shiny badges that don't have any materialistic value, so I'll tell you all. It started off as a small whim, motivating me to furiously edit in my attempts to achieve everything, despite the fact that it is probably impossible. However, then I discovered the fact that minor edits counted towards the achievements, I decided to do that.

That was what sparked off all these comments on my cheating, which was somewhat amusing at first, but soon I got tired of it. Also at this time was when I decided that all the effort I spent on getting achievements could be used in other ways that were more beneficial to the wiki community.

So I'll say this again. I aplogise for all the actions I undertook in getting achievements, and I doubt I'd really do this again. Besides, I'm too lazy to anymore.

Wait, 'apologise' doesn't really have much weight to it.

So instead, I'll just say that I'M SORRY*.

  • Now available in bold and capitalised letters!

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