So yeah, instead of ranting about how I cheated for achievements, I'm now using this to rant about random things that I find interesting, like Fate/Prototype or Carnival Phantasm, which have absolutely nothing to do with the BZPRPG, but I don't actually know what I'm allowed to rant about here.

Ghosthands, what exactly am I allowed to rant about here?

Anyway, I've gotten rather bored recently, inspected the new RPGs on BZPower and ranted about how I hate being in a different timezone from everyone else. I mean, Melbourne is GMT +10, and is currently GMT +11 right now with Daylight Savings Time. New York is GMT -5. That means I'm 15 to 16 hours ahead of anybody who lives on the East Coast of the United States, which really sucks when I want to RP with people.

Other than those things, I've realised that nobody really edits here, meaning that we'll have to do more advertising so more people can come and add pages for their characters and organisations. By advertising I mean we need to go post in the BZPRPG News and Discussion topic to absorb more people into our Hive Mind.

ALSO - Yes, I put it in all-caps and in bold so people will read this line. What exactly is this ShadowWalker Order? And does it require Shadow and Walker combined into a single word? Because I really don't want to be killed if I write those two words separately. Anyway, I mean, what exactly do they do? Are they the Turaga's personal force of Ninjas?

Wait, editing again. They are ninjas supposedly. But Nala has no ninja-ey weapons. That means they cannot be ninjas.

I've ran out of things to say. I think I had more, but they've disappeared into the inner confines of mind.

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