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    You guys may have noticed that Ghosthands has been drifting away from BZP recently. He comes on occasionally, but never posts and does not respond to PMs.

    This has not gone unnoticed by me either. Ghosthands is my fellow admin and the creator of this wiki, and it has been suffering without a main admin to take care of it.

    I, as the other admin, have decided that this has gone on too long. Whatever the case, Geisthaende is probably not returning for a while if ever. And I don't intend to sit idly by.

    I am currently sole reigning admin of this wiki. I will use this undivided power as best I can for now-I am currently working on creating 'Event' and 'Location' category pages (they will be up within 4-5 days; please sit tight on creating those pages u…

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