Just kidding. :P

I'm curious here: what would everyone think about creating a timeline of every major event in the game? As in, we get players to recount major events in their personal plots, or in communal plots (and of course we'll include the staff plot), and then we fit it all together in a massive timeline that details exactly when each event happened in relation to other events.

Pros: We create a picture of the year as a whole, so people can look back and say, "Hey, this is when ___ happened!" or "Wow, this event directly influenced this guy to come into my plot, and look where it all led!" It would be neat to see how individual events impact each other and shape the storyline of the game as a whole.

Cons: A TON of work. We'd have every Dick, Joe and Harry submitting every little event, and it would have to be organized and made sure that all the stuff in there is major enough to be counted (for example, a random conversation is not a noteworthy event. A conversation that decides the fate of the Kumu Islets, on the other hand, would be noteworthy).

An entirely different approach would be to handpick events that we think are important enough to be included. The pros to this are less work and more control, but the cons are that a lot of players won't make it into the timeline, leaving them feeling like they had no impact on the game whatsoever (which would  be a bummer).

Cool idea? Too much work? What do you think?

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