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  • Ghosthands


    June 23, 2014 by Ghosthands

    Nice to have finally announced the Lorebook project. I have high hopes for it. May take a while, though!

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  • Ghosthands

    I'm pleased to say that I'm currently in the (fairly arduous) process of overhauling the Wiki's achievement badge system.  I'm giving them more fitting names, and using exclusively images from the MNOGs.  Don't worry, this is simply changing the badge's aesthetic appearance; you will not lose the badges you have already earned.

    Comments and feedback appreciated!

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  • Ghosthands

    From the Ashes

    April 26, 2013 by Ghosthands

    Well, I have returned, and interest in the Wiki is blossoming once more.  We've got a small team together, and the important pages are coming up to date with recent climactic events.  I'm slowly but surely sprucing the place up and making it look a bit prettier.

    All in all, the Wiki looks to be rising again! ^^

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  • Ghosthands

    Talk page archive

    April 24, 2013 by Ghosthands

    Talk page was getting cluttered with old messages.  Time for some spring-cleaning.

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  • Ghosthands

    Absence and Activity

    December 23, 2011 by Ghosthands

    Hi guys,

    I haven't been too active over the last few days, I know. You may have read my message on the discussion topic on BZP; I am going to be on a lot less in future, as real life (that old trickster) is starting to demand more of my attention.

    I will remain here, keep editing and updating, but not as much as I had planned to. Still, you're all very capable people and I'm sure you can manage without me ;)

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