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  • I live in Mata-Nui
  • My occupation is Scholar
  • Kughii
    • Ishi Polzin, by Kughii
    • Dervish, by Norik
    • Oliphko, by Daniel Finlander
    • Ferron, by Gear Director
    • Dahtar, Hiram McDaniels
    • Tuli, by Toa Tapio
    • Sucogu, by KNI
    • Caerus Valli, by Eyru
    • "Etera," by Eyru
    • Akiri Nuparu, by Gear Director
    • Akiri Kongu, by Palm
    • Onepu, The Fifth Spoilers

    IC: Dervish "The desert, huh? I'll need to warm my bones up after that long stay in Ko-Wahi." The two entered the damp tunnels. Arabeth was glad for the slight temperature rise in the humid environment, but it was the concealment that she was most thankful for. The pair had slipped through a literal hole in the gates, and although no one chased them, the mercenary wisely made sure that stragglers didn't see them back in the drifts. "We meeting a friend of yours or something?"

    IC: Ishi Po…

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  • Kughii
    • Ishi Polzin, played by Kughii
    • NPC guards, played by Kughii
    • Dervish, played by Norik

    IC: Ishi Polzin

    The wind of Ko-Wahi was a free spirit, young and fresh from the Western Sea, and unused to carrying the sounds of war. The battle cries, the clashing steel, the cracking of long-frozen ice; it had not carried such horror since the darkest days of Makuta's reign. And wind, the most fickle of elements, did not like its burden. It tried to cast off the sounds by throwing them at the mountains, but all it achieved was horrible echoes. The cacophony shuddered the snows to the North, and in a few places the ancient mountains retaliated as they always had with an avalanche. The silence of the falling snow and rock made the winds happy: here was the pea…

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  • Kughii
    • Arabeth A.K.A. "Dervish" Seryon, played by Norik
    • Joske Nimil, played by Friar Tuck
    • Ishi Polzin, played by Kughii
    • The Abettor, played by Nuju Metru
    • Zaktan, played by Nuju Metru
    • Lash, played by NatoGreavesy
    • Hakann, played by Le'Etranger
    • Leah Maru, played by Vezok's Friend
    • Reordin Maru, played by Tyler Durden
    • Sulov Maru, played by Mango
    • Aeolus/Arden, played by Hatty Hattington
    • Vezok, played by Gravity

    The mercenaries dispersed to their locations, Ilofarn's dark back disappearing into the haze of softly falling snowflakes, Ferrum closing the strange door to The Company's lair. Ishi unfolded his borrowed umbrella, the red rice paper popping up like a mushroom top over his head. He watched Dervish saunter off, backpack full of provided survival supplies slu…

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  • Kughii
    • Ishi Polzin: played by Kughii
    • Rorg: played by Eyru
    • Echelon: played by Ghosthands
    • Karnakie: played by Otter
    • Eisen: played by Krayzikk
    • Kohra: played by Vezok's Friend
    • Agrona: played by Snoip Lion
    • Greisk: played by Norik

    IC: Rorg

    Ko-Wahi is cold. This environment is not conducive to the proper functioning of my primary weapon; I must take additional care to maintain it and preserve its use for when I shall have need of it. My employment under Echelon will surely demand it, and I am nothing if not a professional. I promised my services, and shall provide as stipulated, else my reputation would pay.

    That would be, in a word, unacceptable.

    IC (Echelon) To the blindfolded Ishi, the journey to Echelon's base of operations likely felt like an eternity of walk…

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  • Kughii
    • Ishi Polzin , played by Kughii
    • The Abettor, played by Nuju Metru
    • Echelon, played by Ghosthands
    • Kohra, by Vezok's Friend
    • Syvra, by Voxumo
    • Agrona, by Palm
    • Greisk, by Norik
    • Karnakie, by Otter
    • Eisen, by Krayzikk
    • Rorg, by Eyru

    Mangaia was filled with the blood red glow of slowly dying light stones. No one who traveled through the shadowy corridors deep beneath the surface of Mata-Nui had thought to replenish the ruddy illumination and so in the months since the Makuta’s defeat the once blood-red chamber walls had turned to a dark grey as the light waned. Soon it would be black as night. Even in death the Makuta’s shadows persisted. A door, brooding and mysterious, with no keyhole, hinge, or seam, lurked at the end of spacious chamber and two rows of pill…

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