Alright! I've finally figured out what I'd LIKE to be wearing at Brickcon 2012: A Dreaverian Joskiir outfit. Yes, yes, "Bionicle costumes at a lego con? Seriously dude?" I hear you, but think deeper. Imagine, someone dressed in a human-version of their own BZPrpg character, freestyling their words as they walked around the convention and attempted to sell a game (or induct more members to tex-based RPing). I've figured out how to make Rivet already -- just cut her out of a single piece of wood with some machine tools, sand her down, do some tooling, add a stain to the blade and possibly paint, and then seal her up. The mask, however, is going to be a bit of a problem. Ugh. I have to learn how to do that. I'm thinking fun foam sheets that I create to look more like a calix. Oh, right, none of you know what DJ's kanohi looks like. DJ wears a Kanohi calix that is very similar to Madara-Uchiha's battle mask, but it's got swirls of silver and purple instead of the spiral motif, and there's isn't a triple yin-yang on the front. Also, there's a space for the mouth like with a "ignika" calix, and the two "tubes" on the side are also still prominant on DJ's kanohi. Agh... too hard to explain I guess. Anyways, aside from the mask, the next difficult thing will be DJ's armor. I'll have to make some chainmail (money down the drain) with a purple 3 virtues inlay on the skirt panels. However, the real thing that stumps me is the design of the torso. I was thinking something like a torso shell with a gut protector (forgetting technical names right now), but that might not be quite right... Suggestions? Also, I'll have to make some purple (possibly concord grape) flowing pants to stuff into some boots and place shin guards over. The punk stud "collar" for Rivet is the easiest, but maybe most expensive, part. I just need to make some purple punk studs out of flour (or buy the real deal online for mucho yen), and then attach them to the shoulder strap that ties onto the belt of the mail skirt on the left side, and then sew that sucker onto the collar plate that Rivet would slide into. The final touches would be some silver body paint, long purple "fang" earings, some punk-stud earbuds, and the little things he carries -- like spare eyecovers or wrapped lunch.

So, what do you all think? Should I go for it?

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