Wow. I'm stuck home with the flu. As someone who no longer participates in the RPG at this time, it's frustrating to realize I can't go off and rough up a few skulls with DJ. However, I think it's about time ya'll know why I have these "on and off" gaming moments. In all honesty, it's because I can get horribly, horribly distracted in fantasy. When I should be studying, I'm much more likely to be learning how to roundhouse kick with Kriigata IC. In fact, most of the times I've disappeared have been due to having poor grades or missing assignments in school while I'm in the midst of a major battle online. This sucks. Anyone else been banned from their favorite pasttime due to needing to be more focused in real life? Ah, I digress. What I do find is that when I lay off on playing the RPG, I see how much more time I have. When I do come back, I'll only have two characters: Draeverian Joskiir and Kriigata. The only reason for this thought is "two is enough." Each character is like a child. They need pampering and attention, and I only have so much time. What do ya'll think?

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