• Makuta Miras

    The Origins of Scholar

    December 4, 2014 by Makuta Miras

     The salty spray from the waves splashed across Kouyran's Matatu-covered face, soaking the Kanohi and getting into all of the crevices and gaps of the Ko-Toa's armour. Their ship crested another wave, sinking down into another trough among the ravines of the ocean. The sinking sun threw rays of crimson light across the deck, casting the other Toa's faces in a malevolent light, painting them with blood. One Ta-Toa- a particularly irresponsible one, named Haarnak- was drunk, playing around with fireballs and floating with his Kadin like the fool he was. Kouyran shook his head at the Haarnak's idiocy, instead focusing on the heavy disk launcher he was manning.

     The prevailing atmosphere was tense. Very. They were sailing in hostile waters, run…

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