aka Nathan Greaves

  • I live in Australia
  • I was born on April 2
  • My occupation is University student.
  • I am Male
  • NatoGreavesy

    Dark Pasts - Part 11

    January 6, 2015 by NatoGreavesy

    Part 11 – Family in Flames

    It was smell of smoke that woke her up, and it was the act of waking up that saved her life. She slipped out of bed, hearing the crackling of flames all around her, and an instant later, the ceiling caved in, dumping a heavy, flaming chunk of wood right where her head had lain mere moments before.

    She stumbled back in surprise and pain, the heat searing the skin of her arms. Her child’s mind couldn’t comprehend what was happening. Why was her house on fire? Where were her parents? Her siblings?

    She ran out into the hallway on her stumpy child feet, jumping through the flames that licked at her legs. She reached her parents room and shoved the door open, before reeling back in terror. There was blood everywhere, glis…

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  • NatoGreavesy

    Dark Pasts - Part 10

    January 6, 2015 by NatoGreavesy

    Part 10 – Second Chance.

    She walked the halls of the hospital, watching her body being carried down the corridor. She knew she was dead. That was the only explanation for why she couldn’t return to her body, for why she felt herself slowly slipping away…

    The healer had finally arrived, too late to be of any help. She turned away She didn’t need to watch this. She would just have to wait for her spirit to fade away, to finally find peace. No being could bring back the dead, after all…

    A sudden tugging sensation made her think otherwise. It was like being pulled by an invisible string, back towards her body. She phased through the wall and entered the room to find the healer crouching over her corpse, her Sana aglow. And in her hand… crackling …

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  • NatoGreavesy

    Dark Pasts - Part 9

    December 25, 2014 by NatoGreavesy

    Part 9 – I told you so…

    “What happened?” the crimson, purple-tattooed Ta-Skakdi demanded as Lash returned – alone – to the hideaway she shared with him and Minnorak.

    Lash gave him a cold smile, slowly and deliberately locking the door behind her. “I think you know. You knew from the beginning how this was going to end.”

    “What did you do?” he demanded, drawing his claymore.

    “Got rid of the competition.” Lash shrugged, uncaring. “It’s too bad, really. I didn’t get a chance to get my knife back when I offed him. It was my favourite blade, too.”

    Letting out an enraged roar, the Skakdi charged at her, swinging his energised blade at her. She winced, unable to sidestep in time; the old guy was faster than he looked. The blade sliced across her arm, the…

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  • NatoGreavesy

    Dark Pasts - Part 8

    December 19, 2014 by NatoGreavesy

    Part 8 – The Eye of the Storm

    The admiral swore angrily as the pirate vessel peppered his ship with heavy disks and weakness zamors. A sudden explosion blasted chips of wood out of the railing beside him, and he jumped back instinctively, narrowly avoiding being peppered with shrapnel. He strode forward, shouting orders to his men.

    “Return fire!” he roared, even as yet another volley rocked his decks. The enemy ship was smaller, faster and more manoeuvrable, and it was getting too close to the admiral’s ship for the rest of his small fleet to risk opening fire.

    But the pirates didn’t give them the chance. On their next sweep, they swung in close and flung grappling hooks onto the admiral’s ship, firing one final volley of projectiles at point…

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  • NatoGreavesy

    Dark Pasts - Part 7

    December 16, 2014 by NatoGreavesy

    Part 7 – Love and War

    “I dunno if this is the best idea, mate,” Draygon advised his friend, “I still don’t trust that bitch, ‘specially not on a job like this.”

    “Could you please not call her that,” the tall Vortixx with the bull-horned helmet replied snappily. “I trust her. She’s my…” he didn’t know what to call her. Girlfriend? Soulmate? Lover? It all sounded childish to him, so he settled for “…partner.”

    “It wasn’t so long ago she was tryin’ ta kill ya,” Draygon reminded him, “I don’t care if you’ve forgiven her, I don’t care if ya think you’re in love with her. Mark my words mate, a woman like that is only interested in power. You’re a means to an end for her, nothin’ more, but maybe somethin’ less.”

    “You talking karz about me again, Draygo…

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