Part 10 – Second Chance.

She walked the halls of the hospital, watching her body being carried down the corridor. She knew she was dead. That was the only explanation for why she couldn’t return to her body, for why she felt herself slowly slipping away…

The healer had finally arrived, too late to be of any help. She turned away She didn’t need to watch this. She would just have to wait for her spirit to fade away, to finally find peace. No being could bring back the dead, after all…

A sudden tugging sensation made her think otherwise. It was like being pulled by an invisible string, back towards her body. She phased through the wall and entered the room to find the healer crouching over her corpse, her Sana aglow. And in her hand… crackling sparks. A Vo-Toa? What was the point of…?

The healer placed her hand over the body’s faded heartstone, and she felt the jerking sensation again, pulling her back towards her not-quite-so-dead-anymore body. She didn’t fight it; just let herself be propelled onwards, sucked back into her body, her Iden releasing its hold on her spirit.

She sat up, dazed, surprised to be alive. The agony that had plagued her for so long had faded; she could think clearly again. “Thank you,” she said to the healer, her eyes brimming with tears, “thank you…”

They kept her there for a few more days to monitor her condition before releasing her, but when they did, she ran straight towards her home, looking for Reson. But when she arrived at the house, unlocking it with her keys, she saw no sign of him.

He was gone.

Closing the door behind her, she slumped to the floor, tears clouding her vision. She’d been given a second chance at life, but she had no one to share it with. She was alone. Choking on a bitter sob, Nariya bowed her head and began to cry. 

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