Part 6 – The Pirate King

When Ryza returned to the ship floating out in the harbour, her brother was waiting for her in his small cabin. The half-dozen crewmen were milling about on the deck, making preparations to cast off in a few hours’ time, under cover of night.

“Did they accept our offer?” he asked without looking up. He’d heard the door open, but there’d been no sound of anyone entering the room. He’d known it was her immediately.

“They did. Eagerly, I might add.” Ryza said. “You chose well with those two.”

“I always choose correctly. Those two are the only beings I’ve ever met with bounties that rival mine. I admire that. The two of them on their own have accrued a greater reputation than I have with an entire ship and its crew.”

“Admiration, from you?” Ryza snorted, sitting down in the chair across from him, casually putting her feet up on his desk. “Why don’t you hire them on as part of our crew, then?”

“They’re assassins, not sailors.” He reminded her, tapping the fingers of his gauntleted hand on the wooden desk as he continued to pore over a sheaf of notes.

“Do the crew know what we know?” Ryza asked. An informer working for the port authorities had informed the captain that the naval officer Onic intended to ambush them as they left the harbour. Ryza wasn’t sure if he’d told anyone else aside from her yet.

“No,” the captain answered coldly. “When the time comes, they’ll know what to do. Consider this is a test. Those that remain calm under fire, those that survive, will have proven themselves worthy of staying on as part of my crew. The others, well…”

He didn’t need to finish.

“Well then, I guess we wait.” Ryza shrugged.

“It won’t be long,” Kelz assured her, “soon we’ll be free of this karzdamned place.”

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