To those who don't already know, the stories I am currently writing in my blog posts are sequels to current events in the BZPRPG. You can discover more about these characters' current happenings (if the characters themselves exist right now) if you look up the names of the beings featured in my stories. "Nialus's End", the first short story I wrote, is both an epilogue to Nialus's (or Transient/Cryptic, as you may know him) current story and a prologue to a story I am going to follow in next year's Arc. "The Crusade" and "A Fire Within" are both parts of this story itself, featuring the heroic Matoran, Jaku, and his quest in becoming a Toa.

If you have any questions, or feel that I didn't explain these facts well enough, feel free to contact me for discussion. I enjoy constructive criticism and compliments, so please, don't hesitate to leave comments! 

NOTE: I will add a link to this blog post in all short stories I write.

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