Written by Jarkale.

My name is Jarkale. I have been appointed the Chronicler of a team of adventurers known as the Red Star Voyagers. Our name is very descriptive, for we are indeed travelers looking for the Red Star itself. Or, rather, whatever lies directly underneath it.

As I write this, the first entry of our chronicle, I am sitting in the Le-Koro hospital waiting room. A couple of our members have been hurt by a battle with the evil Rahkshi and are being treated. Ignitus, the determined Toa of Fire is one of them. He is the founder of our team and the one who gave me the responsibility to record whatever we do on our quest. Another Toa receiving care is JL, a brave Toa of Electricity who joined our cause in the tunnels of Mangaia, Makuta’s lair. Kiron is a Toa of Fire, who joined us for the same reasons JL did.

A single day has yet to pass since I first met the Toa of Stone named Rerus, also part of our team, in my home desert. He had been disoriented and unsure where he was. He was attacked by a stranger in the crowd and thus we fled together into Mangaia – quite ironic, considering that the latter place is viewed as the source of all evil on the island.

Once we were down below in the darkness, we met Ignitus. We fought Rahkshi, the Makuta’s sons, and fled the tunnels with JL who had joined us. It is my strong belief that destiny brought these Toa together in order to find a way to open The Vault, a large storage in the center of Mangaia. It is said that unimaginable power rests in its bowels. Unfortunately, it is locked and only a riddle has been provided to help us find a way to open it.

Across an endless ocean Beyond where minds can see My key likes in the open Where you will never be Beneath the brightest thunder Stand towers of the day The light may break asunder If night skies choose obey The red sign on black eyes Will lead you to your prize

Ignitus remains positive that the riddle can be deciphered, and I agree with him. So far we have decided that the “red sign on black eyes” refers to the Red Star in the dark night sky. This is but the first step of our mission: find a way to sail in the Endless Ocean, and find whatever location the Red Star shines onto.

I can see that Ignitus and JL are healed. I shall continue our story at a later time.

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