Written by Jarkale

Our journey has taken many steps forward. Upon leaving Le-Koro, we were approached by a Toa named Xadah. Frankly, he seems to be quite a drunkard… but hopefully his powers will be able to help us. If not for the visions Ignitus has begun experiencing, ones that seem to recognize Xadah as an ally, I would probably insist on dumping the obnoxious Toa of Ice. As things stand, however, I am willing to tolerate him.

As I have some time to record my thoughts, I feel inclined to elaborate on the mention of visions. Ignitus first got one right after we left the Le-Koro hospital, falling to the ground and muttering nonsense. This certainly convinces me more than ever that Ignitus, Rerus and the other Toa we have encountered are connected by destiny to something big – perhaps Mata Nui himself is sending Ignitus visions of the past and the future, to guide him on his path?

I am mostly speculating, for Ignitus has not been eager to share much about his visions. Perhaps he will reveal more at a later time. Until then, we should give him his space.

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