Written by Jarkale

I sit now on a cold wooden bench in the village of Ko-Koro, recording another chapter of our story. We arrived here not so long ago and met up with another Toa, a Toa of Gravity, named Gravus. He looks strong and honorable and is surely part of the destined group of heroes to open the Vault. Ignitus seemed to recognize him, further supporting my theory of all these Toa being connected by destiny.

Unfortunately, we did not only meet allies. A Toa named Oriak appeared and seemed to remember Ignitus as an enemy. Ignitus and Gravus alike remember Oriak as a demon from their past, a past so shrouded in mystery. Ignitus insists on fighting him in a duel, probably because he wants revenge against some nightmare… I tried talking some sense into him, but the other members of our team all seem to support his course of action.

This is why I am sitting aside, observing and recording. I do not believe in violence, and perhaps this record will later inspire future generations to find alternative solutions to their problems.

The battle is as furious as it is quick. Just when it looks like Ignitus has won by absorbing Oriak’s bodyheat, Oriak decides to cheat and attack after the end of the duel. "He's a monster”, Ignitus said. “Evil to the core. He blew up Torren, killing tens of thousands of innocent people. Before and during that, he killed some people close to me. He's a cruel dictator.”

Torren again. Ignitus has had visions of the place and it sounds to me like it is the original home island of Ignitus, Gravus and Rerus. Oriak apparently hails from there too, and is an enemy of the other Toa.

There is a Matoran saying: “Better to keep a Doom Viper next to your bed than to let it wander free. At least then you know from which direction its strike will come.” That is probably why Ignitus now allows Oriak to travel with us. There also seems to be an alternative motive for this. Ignitus has mentioned someone named Radriar and Oriak can help us find him… whatever that means. Oriak seems to behave for now, but each member of our group is watching him closely. I get the feeling he will be trouble later…

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