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  • Vrf3

    Operation Categorization

    November 7, 2013 by Vrf3

    I've been working on adding character pages into the categories they belong to, but I've come across a few issues.

    Some Toa and Matoran seem to be in categories that are a little confusing. I've seen Ve-Toa on thepages of some Toa of The Green, when I thought the prefix was Bo. I'm not sure if I should fix these or leave them how they are.

    I also noticed an alarming number of character pages were including things like what type of Toa they were, but not including just plain Toa as a category. I think I've fixed most of these, but there might be a few still lingering about.

    Having fixed as many categories as I could, I'm now a little lost as to what to do next. I've not really been in contact with the RPG much for a long while (I didn't even k…

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