I've been working on adding character pages into the categories they belong to, but I've come across a few issues.

Some Toa and Matoran seem to be in categories that are a little confusing. I've seen Ve-Toa on thepages of some Toa of The Green, when I thought the prefix was Bo. I'm not sure if I should fix these or leave them how they are.

I also noticed an alarming number of character pages were including things like what type of Toa they were, but not including just plain Toa as a category. I think I've fixed most of these, but there might be a few still lingering about.

Having fixed as many categories as I could, I'm now a little lost as to what to do next. I've not really been in contact with the RPG much for a long while (I didn't even know the Piraka were part of it), so my knowledge of events leaves me unable to help update most pages. Does anyone else have any ideas what I could work on?

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