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"They think themselves safe in their little world of corruption... to bad they aren't. They have me to deal with"
— Toa Varan on the subject of the Outsiders







None; formerly Toa Dreya


Mask of Sensory Aptitude


Vortixx tri-blade


Alive, active


Obsidian Outpost (Ko-Wahi)




Jakura Nuva

Varan is a Toa of Gravity, ex-mercenary and defender of light on Mata Nui.



The Ba-Matoran who would one day become the creature feared by all started his life when he woke up lying on the shore of Mata Nui, unaware of who he was or why he was there. He struck out on his own, wanted by none, and took the life of a trader. He raised himself in the swamps of Le-Wahi, but the dangers and pressures of living in that region caused him to become half-insane. Each day was spent trying to stay alive, while searching desperately for the resources he needed.

One day, Varan suffered a mental breakdown after narrowly escaping a Nui-Rama (he hates insects), and spent an entire week inactive. During those days, he went through unimaginable torture in his mind, and was rescued by a being claiming to be his creator. That being called himself  the "Master", and the Matoran pledged to serve the Master's every whim for saving him. When he awoke, he was transformed into a powerful Toa of Gravity, and given a Kanohi Volitak and a name - Varan. He was then convinced by the Master that the island of Mata Nui was full of beings that were vile and corrupt. He gave Varan the names of beings that also served him, and that they would assist him in cleansing the island of all impurities. And so, Varan was transformed into the remorseless killer he is today, bent on destroying whoever his Master demands. He was trained by multiple servants of the Master, who taught him all the skills needed to fulfill his tasks.

After murdering a Le-Matoran and stealing a precious Mask of Sensory Aptitude from him, Varan tried to escape Le-Koro, but was hunted down in the jungle. In the fight that followed, Varan's Kanohi Volitak was destroyed, weakening him enough for capture. Though jailed on Le-Koro, he managed to escape, and wandered into the Le-Wahi wilderness once again.

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Once far from civilization, Varan contacted the Master

Personality Edit

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Despite his nimbleness, Varan is much taller than other Toa. He is black and eminence, and his Kanohi is black as well. His eyes are blood red, and most of his features are concealed beneath the large, tattered cloak and hood he wears, which hides his damaged body. His Volitak was equipped with a special respirator unit that allowed him to breathe toxic fumes and heavy smoke without becoming sick.


During his bounty-hunting years, Varan carried two combat blades that he wore on either hip underneath his cloak. His right wrist sported a sheathing tri-blade attachement, and he storeed multiple throwing daggers in pouches in his cloak. Having recently shed his cloak and regained his sanity, Varan abandoned his combat blades and throwing knives and took a Skakdi spear that had once belonged to the ex-Toa, Anhar. He kept his tri-blade as well, being a gift from an old friend.

Varan wears the Kanohi Mask of Sensory Aptitude, which gives its user the power to enhance all five of their senses to a high degree. The user's sense of balance is also increased. His previous mask was the Kanohi Volitak.


Along with the powers of his Kanohi, Varan can control the element of gravity. 

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Varan is an expert tracker and trap-designer, as well as a master in weaponized combat. He is skilled with a number of weapons, but he prefers his light and trusty Skakdi war spear. He is extremely stealthy and silent, and can move through foliage without making a sound.

Varan was once cold and ruthless, but after regaining his memories and fighting off the Master he has since regained his heroic nature. He is now a firm believer in honor and justice, and is willing to risk his life in order to defend the innocent.



  • Jakura: An old friend of Varan who assists him on occasion


  • The Outsiders: While the majority of the team hates him, debts are owed to him, and the honor held by their leader, Zero, ensures that they are repaid (though with an enmity between the two)
  • Zero: An old lover of Varan, Zero now despises Varan, but owes the Toa certain debts from their days together in the Outsiders


  • The Master: Once his boss, now his archenemy
  • Anhar: Ex-teammate


  • Varan's look and personality when he was evil was largely based upon the Star Wars characters Boba Fett, Darth Vader, and the IG-100 MagnaGuard.
  • Varan is the second character to be created by BZPower member Jakura, the first being the Toa of Fire, Anhar/Kamatu.

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