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"I am the Law"
— Veneras to Kiara

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Nuetral Good


Virtus staff, Ancient Tablet of Prophecy


Elemental Ice


Philosopher, Outsider


The Outsiders



Veneras became a Toa as a result of an ancient Toa stone, hidden from the beginning of time. Veneras was chosen to become a Toa because of his great desire for Justice.

Veneras is the guardian of ancient truths, once hidden under the earth, now inscribed on his armor. He is a philosopher and a theologian, but also a warrior.


As a Matoran Veneras studied in the Samctum as a philosopher. He always carried with him a tablet covered in bright blue inscriptions. It's rumored that the wall of prophecy lead him to this tablet. It's inscriptions are not the native language of the Matoran and most cannot read it's content. Yet Veneras carried this tablet with him everywhere he went. He claims the tablet tells of the nature of Mata Nui as a just and true God, sovereign over all the universe, and the standard of morality and virtue. He believed that the inscriptions taught that Mata Nui was the "Unmoved Mover", the sole creator of all things keeping everything in motion and change, but never being changed. Veneras once was married to a Ga Koronan named Sophia. Not much else is known about this era of his life, other than she died sometime during the Makuta wars.

Veneras was burdened to carry this sadness with him for the rest of his life and he keeps his wedding ring as a reminder of his loss. No one knows how she died, but Veneras has always blamed himself.

In the depths of his sadness Veneras left the monastery of Ko Koro to wander. All that had once defined him was gone, stripping him to his core. His travels led him deep into the caverns beneath mount Ihu; in hopes that he might study the nature of foundations and structure. No one knows what happened deep within those caves, only that he returned not as a matoran but as a toa.

He devoted himself exclusively to the protection of Ko Koro. His home was all he had left.

Game Timeline Edit


Veneras is adorned in the traditional white armor of the Ice Toa, accented with ice-blue elements, including a long cape that flows like the blizzard. His armor is covered with glowing blue details and runes, inlucind the details of his Kanohi Hau. He is not particularly tall for a Toa, though not as short as an Onu-Toa. He carries a tall scepter, a war-staff detailed with ancient markings and inscriptions. Each end of the scepter features thin blades that run along it's edge.


When Veneras became a Toa his staff transformed with him, turning from a philosopher's walking stick into a Toa's scepter. The staff stands taller than Veneras, and is inscribed along the shaft and the blade with the inscriptions of the tablet. The Vertus Staff, as it was named, had the ability to channel Veneras' elemental energies of ice and cold. Seeping the energy from its target, it reduces it's temperature dramatically.

Unlike most swords, the hilt is horizontal instead of vertical with an arm brace that is attached just below the elbow. This allows the sword to function as an extension of his arm, in the same way it serves as an extension of his abilities.


Veneras's Sword

Abilities and TraitsEdit


Veneras controls all that is cold in the world. He wields an ancient power from the beginning of time, a power placed on the island predestined for a Toa of Justice. He is able freeze any form of matter almost instantly. He can even freeze living beings into a solid state of ice.


Veneras is a philosophical thinker among the Toa. Veneras is obsessed with the philosophies of Truth and Justice. Veneras believes that, being a Toa, he is sworn to protect these moralities. Being an ice-toa he is especially cold to those who do not act in justice and truth. He is very perceptive, always able to discern the truth from the lies. He is very argumentative, which renders him more talkative than traditional Ice-Toa. He spends much of his time in Ko Koro, contemplating. He hopes to think through every situation as to always act morally.


Friends and AlliesEdit


  • The Makuta
  • Servants of Makuta (Rahkshi, Dark Toa, etc.)
  • The unjust
  • The sackers of Ko Koro


  • I am the Law
  • If that is your way, by that way you may go.


  • Veneras smokes a pipe when contemplating philosophy.
  • His pipe has long stem so that the smoke will be cool by the time it reaches his mouth.
  • Being a philosopher, he is much more vocal and argumentative than most ice Toa.
    V 2

    Veneras, wearing the kanohi Rode

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