Chaotic Neutral, Mata Nui Weekly


A vacuum powered gun, Rahkshi Spine


No information


Reporter for Mata Nui Weekly

Played by:


Vhohan is the branch head manager for the Po-Wahi branch of the Mata-Nui Weekly.


Vhohan used to be a family man and lived in a small village to the south of Po-Wahi. His family lived frugally, but then they were attacked, and Vhohan's life was forever changed. Whether this change was for better or worse can be argued.

The family was attacked by an evil Toa. Vhohan was the only member of his family to survive, and he killed the evil Toa. Feeling threatened by Toa, he founded the Skakdi Liberation League, an anti-Toa group. He was kind to Matoran and many other races, and was iffy on Turaga. The Skakdi Liberation League had one goal: kill all Toa. They were to go around during the night, and kill Toa. It was then when Vhohan would wear his mask, as would most members of his organization with theirs.


Vhohan met with a Skakdi organization called the Horde to try to recruit more Skakdi for his organization. They refused, and tore his plan apart. He left, his faith shattered. The Liberation League was all he had, and it could never work. He was about to throw himself into Naho Bay when a vision came to him. A glowing figure came to Vhohan and told him to build a settlement and protect and safeguard the Skakdi race. There would always be Toa. Vhohan then reforged himself from this experience, and began to follow what the figure had told him. He began to form plans, and then posted signs in all the Koros. However, this plan fizzled, as no Skakdi seemed interested. Therefore, Vhohan saught employment at the Mata Nui Weekly, where he applied for the job of a branch head manager. He got the job, and moved to Po-Koro. He has sinced interviewed Lenat to discover more about the Tech Expo that occured in Po-Koro.


Vhohan is an incredibly good shot with his rifle, and often can kill a Toa with a mere single shot. He is also an incredibly persuasive speaker, though that is not a true combat trait. In conjunction with another Skakdi, Vhohan has the element power of Gravity. In addition to his basic elemental powers, he has the vision of telescopic vision, which he uses to aim his gun. Unlike most Skakdi, Vhohan used to wear a mask, which he did as a means of mocking Toa, whom he hated with an intense passion. The mask was a warped version of a Hau, created to look frightening.

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