Viima hut

The entrance of Viima's hut.

Viima's hut is where Viima holds permanent residence. It is located on Kewa street 3 in Le-Koro.


The hut was constructed along with the rest of Le-Koro before Makuta's reign. Since then it has been inhabited by Viima without ever having a different owner.

When Viima was dating Surina, he began to like the way Ga-Koro huts were arranged and got decorations and furniture that resembled those of Ga-Koro huts.

Since Viima disappeared in the Le-Wahi jungle, the hut has not been visited.


The hut is medium-sized and Viima usually keeps it neat. It is mostly a standard Le-Koronan hut, with the exception of a lot of Ga-Koronan stuff on display, due to Viima's history with Ga-Koro. There is a fishing net on the wall, some Harakeke plants in a vase and decorative Cowrie shells giving the hut the appearance of a Le-Ga-Koro hut hybrid.


  • The name "Kewa street 3" is a reference to the comic studio of Toatapio Nuva's comics (an old Bzpower comic series), which was located on "Kahu street 3" in Comic Land.

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