Plant Life


Matatu: Great mask of Telekinesis in the shape of Great Komau, painted brown.



Weapons and tools

Bo Staff


Plantlife: the ability to create, control, absorb, and reform plantlife.


ILF Member


Island Liberation Front (ILF)




Pre RPGEdit

Unlike most toa, Zeron wasn't native to Mata Nui. Like many skakdi and vortixx, he washed up on the island one day with only the faintest inkling of memory of his identity. After a time of wandering around the island with no sense of purpose, he met up with two other toa, Psyzhran and Dyzaera, and formed a team with them. Teaming up with six other toa, Skaaraa, Geno, Sur, Kraizhan, Terzak, and Saydi, this new team, the Finiksa, went around portecting the island and preserving the peace. However, after a failed mission in which Kraizhan was killed, Sur deserted, Skaaraa turned evil and kidnapped Terzak, and Genno, in an effort to rescue his teammate, was nearly killed, the only thing saving him being a parakuka. The remaining members of the team decided to disband.

Burnt down barEdit

After a long period of wandering the island doing nothing, Zaeron, in a visit to Le-Wahi, encountered a burnt down bar. He would think nothing of this at the moment. Leaving the Koro, he wandered through the jungle before encountering Pala-Koro. Entering the village, he met with a Skakdi named Zyke and after a brief walk around the village, he encountered two toa, Hanix and Zakama. After a brief altercation at the gate, he let them in. When Hanix mentioned that her team member, Zacax, was missing, Zaeron volunteered to help. Travelling back to the bar, he discovered the dead body of Zacax and the identity of the kiler, Edge. After an unsuccessful search, Hanix unexpectedly dragged him to Ga-Koro.


Once in Ga-Koro, Hanix told him why they were there: to keep an eye out for any suspicious activity. He is currently doing absolutely nothing.

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