Skakdi of Plant Life




Control over Plant Life, including creation, absorption, and manipulation, in conjunction with another Skakdi; heat vision


Demolitions Skill; Excellent Marksmanship; Warhammer Mastery; Heightened Strength; Stealth Proficiency

Weapons and equipment

Repeating zamor launcher; spiked maul


True Neutral


Gyn Kirsug



Zunod was a Skakdi of Plant Life and mercenary partner to Aexias under Gyn Kirsug. He was killed by Naara I'Rohu.


Zunod initially met Aexias a time after her 'death' as she travelled the island. As an emissary of Gyn, he pointed out that she could not hope to keep the secret of her life alone. He convinced her to join him in employ by explaining that Gyn could provide refuge in return for service. The Skakdi became vitriolic friends. Initially given the major assignment of covertly surveying the Island Liberation Front, the pair's orders were changed and they aided in the Pala-Koro Attack, capturing Dendron. Zunod put the prisoner in a mobile cell and delivered it to a middle-man in Le-Koro, as ordered. He then returned to Onu-Koro for his next assignment.

Later, Aexias and Zunod were assigned to find and assassinate Naara I'Rohu. The pair failed to complete their objective and Aexias fled as Zunod was killed by Naara.

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