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Zyckel Kraar










Twisted Black Sword


Elemental Gravity




Zyck's Armor


The Dark Chronicler


As a child, he was always almost as good as his Sister at everything, something even his own parents pointed out. He grew to hate his family, and tried to find anything he could to get away from them.

Whenever he attempted to prove himself good at something, his Sister always surpassed him.That is, until Zyck decided to try metalsmithing. His sister also decided to try metalwork, and she was showing him up once again, proving she was better than he was. Zyckel was sick of it. As his sister worked, Zyckel decided to put a few rather explosive ingredients into her latest batch of metal. The results were not as he intended. Instead of merely ruining the metal, it exploded, sending molten metal into his sister's face. He never forgave himself for what happened, knowing that the blindness she faced was entirely his fault, though he never told her that he had tampered with it.

Though he despised his sister, he always hoped he could one day find some sort of peace between them. But with that one vengeance attempt turned completely wrong, he knew that would never happen. He cut himself off from his family, avoiding them as best he could.

His business eventually led him into conflict with the organization NEX, and after refuses to supply the with armor, he was attacked in a failed assasination attempt.

While recovering in a hospital, a more successful attempt on his life was made.

Appearance and ToolsEdit

Black Toa Metru-style, with a bronze color on his overlaying armor.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

An arrogant and somewhat vain being, Zyckel thinks highly or himself, and his armor. He isn't overly friendly, but can warm up to a person over time. Unless that person is named Fiva.


Friends and AlliesEdit


  • None


"Those pieces of armor were stolen from corpses, I don't want that kind of merchandise in my shop."


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